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Jim, Woodbridge, ON

I had thought that this company not being a bank won’t be able to help me and get a second mortgage so easily. To my surprise the agent’s knowledge and preparation amazed me.

Patty and Charles, Burlington, ON

We wanted to buy our first home but could not afford a huge mortgage. Tim at Mortgage Power gave us a presentation on various choices and we decided to buy a condo. We are paying a little over rent, but now own the property that we are living in. Thanks to Mortgage Power, we are now home owners.

Sid, Scarborough, ON

My own bank refused me the mortgage I wanted for my first house. Why? because I am self-employed. I am certain that the bank guy did not have complete information on all programs that are available for people like us. Jas of Mortgage Power told me something during my first conversation over the phone with him, and I knew it was right there. Today I am a proud owner of a house and a commercial property. If I kept on the assurance of my bank I’d still be paying rent. Thank you, Jas.

Kathy, Oakville, ON

Mortgage Power guys are great. That’s all I have to say.

Kulwinder, Brampton, ON

We are paying a mortgage for over 9 years and needed some money to upgrade our basement. Instead of using our credit cards, Mortgage Power got us a 2nd mortgage using which we have a stunning basement now. My husband was able to buy a pool table, and we are having our parties there. We never knew we had that money, just up for grabs.

Ted, Toronto, ON

I am a really lazy guy when it comes to paperwork. I knew I will get a pre-approval easily but I was always busy with games, travelling and TV. Jas snapped up the whole application in one sitting and got everything that was required before I even knew. It was just incredible efficiency. These guys mean business.

Sara, Mississauga, ON

These guys are very professional, and very punctual. I am impressed.

Jane, Etobicoke, ON

My bank (I will not name it here) wasted three weeks of my time. I had to make several trips to the bank using public transit, and sometimes using a cab (I had to, with my working hours so tight) . At the end I was put in such an awkward situation that I could not decide what to do. I needed a second mortgage and I was sent through hell, obviously nothing good came out of it. A colleague of mine suggested Mortgage Power and am I glad I listened to her. In one week I had the application approved and not to mention so many other savings I was given. I will recommend Kevin (the agent) to everyone who is fed up with the big bullies.

Cynthia, Woodbridge, ON

I wonder why banks are not as customer focussed as companies like Mortgage Power. Perhaps they don’t care for my business as much Jas and his team does.

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