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An approximate number of self-employed people in Canada is 20%. You work hard enough as a self-employed individual and then your bank refuses you a mortgage. Most banks will refuse to look at your personal assets or business assets in a combination that could otherwise help you obtain a mortgage very easily. Makes things even harder? Yes, we know and we know it very well. We have several of our clients who are self employed and went door to door without luck and were almost giving up the dream of owning a home. Each shut door puts you further down into depression and we understand this frustration.

We being an independent organization are in a much better position to deal with lending process than a bank does. We have a very simplified and result oriented (read producing) program that has help so many of self employed applicants successfully obtain mortgage.

Each entrepreneur is unique and so is the situation they are in. But you shall feel at ease when you learn about a wide range of mortgage products that we offer with so many flexible options and extremely less paperwork. But more than anything, we have the hunger to send you home with the money you need as mortgage to buy a property.

Without having to prove an income, you start off with a simple procedure. With the rest of the formalities just as simple, the application process will be over sooner than you think. We will take into account every little factor that contributes towards the success of your application. We can take your personal credit history into account if your business is not old enough. And there are so many more variables that we know can tilt the scales in your favour. Contact us right away if you are seeking a mortgage as a self-employed and a door has just been shut on you.

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