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First home is the most special. It could be a condo, townhouse or a full, big house. But the feeling of calling something your own home is matchless. You may be buying such property because you can now afford it, or need it, or are just tired of throwing money as rent. But this could be one of the most important financial decisions you would ever make. Now, everyone has a unique financial situation and for many the down payment for a property could pose a huge challenge. For some qualified purchasers, Mortgage Power can offer zero down residential mortgage solution. If you have excellent credit and stable, substantial income, you could enjoy more flexible payment terms and interest rate.

Many people are employed and some are self-employed too. Banks generally don’t offer the same flexibility to self-employed people no matter how old a customer of that bank they might have been. But Mortgage Power welcomes both employed and self-employed applicants with same courtesy and promise. We even welcome new immigrants who don’t even have a job or income history in Canada as yet. We are committed to make your home ownership dream a success and reality and we do our best to bring you every possible way that is available in Canada to get you closer to obtaining a mortgage.

We analyze your needs clearly. We assess from your situation that how much do you need and how much can you actually afford. There is no point in getting a mortgage that you cannot support with easy monthly payments. It will only give you immense stress. In many cases we won’t need to check your credit or credit score, or do job verification.

We look all variables like closing costs, legal fees, home inspection fee, land transfer tax and all other possible hidden costs to ensure that you are always in the know of every penny that is involved in the purchase of your property.

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